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Register your school and users


  1. Prepare a list of the names of the educators who will be using the system, together with their email addresses.
  2. Prepare a list of the names of the students in each class.
    (a)  Download our excel sheet template
    (b)  Fill in a class per sheet within the Excel file
    (c)  Attach the file to the registration form below (preferred)
    (d)  Alternatively, email the file to us at register@jewishinteractive.net


Note: Jewish Interactive undertakes to keep the data you enter below confidential. The data will not be shared with any other parties. The data will be used exclusively for registering users on the virtual learning platform.
Download an introductory letter to parents.

Please fill out the form below so that we can load your school onto the Jewish Interactive virtual learning platform.

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Please enter the names and emails of the educators who will be requiring access to the system:
(If there are more than 6 educators to enter, list their names and emails in an Excel file and attach it to this email.)

Acceptable file types: doc,txt,docx,png,xls,xlsx,pdf.
Maximum file size: 1MB.
(Only necessary if more than 6 educators using the system.)
(Attach the Excel file that you prepared in the previous step of registration.)

(To double-check that all files are attached, and we can check how many attachments should arrive)