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Mitzvah Hunt

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This easy-to-use, colorful app encourages children to look for the good in other people and to see the good deeds that their friends and family are doing. Each time the child sees someone doing a mitzvah or good deed, they choose a seed, record what they saw, and drag it into an empty pomegranate, filling it up with a collection of good deeds that can be saved and viewed at any time. As they fill up the pomegranate with these seeds, they come closer to the concept of “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

For parents:

How many times do your children come and tell you about the bad things that their siblings or friends are doing? This app helps parents encourage children to start seeing all the good that people do around them. Click here for the family resource guide to the Mitzvah Hunt.

Rich Jewish content:

The Mitzvah Hunt  includes Jewish sources and information regarding good deeds, biblical and historical references to pomegranates, as well as including the significance of the pomegranate and Rosh Hashanah. Click here for the educator resource guide to the Mitzvah Hunt.


  • Interactive Mitzvah Hunt
  • Soundtrack of the song “וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ”
  • Animation clip of the destruction of the Second Temple because of “sinat chinam” or senseless hatred
  • “Torah Detective” dialogs:  A collection of relevant sources from the Torah, in English and Hebrew
  • “Did You Know?” dialogs: Interesting information and connections to related subjects