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In the lab: Jewish Frameworks

Jewish Interactive (JI) has been working closely with many Jewish schools worldwide to research the needs of the Jewish studies curriculum across the broad spectrum of Judaism.

 Jewish Lesson Plans for Jewish Educators

JI is busy compiling a curriculum map for general Jewish studies from grades 1-6 linking all topics to the available resources. JI has built the curriculum according to Jewish Calendar, History, Life Cycle, Relationships, Prayer, Tanach.

We will be sending regular updates and links to available resources. JI is also developing interactive Jewish learning material for each topic within the curriculum for different grade levels over the next 2 years. The material will be available to be used cross-platform on smartboards, laptops, PCs, iPads and tablets. They will be in English with different Hebrew pronunciations in Nusach Sephardi and Ashkenazi as well as in Hebrew.

Each program will contain:

  • Educator digital program with blended learning resources for the educator
  • Student apps
  • Material for informal educators

JI has written lesson plans for a large portion of the curriculum, and we are working on production.