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Games to play with your children

Whack-a-HamanWhack-a-Haman is a Purim app designed by students for students!

You whack the Hamans that pop up by tapping them. Try not to whack the hamentashen!! When the questions pop up, try to answer them correctly first time. Your points will add up when you whack the Hamans or answer the questions correctly.


Whack-a-Haman is an international collaboration between Jewish Interactive and MJGDS, Martin J Gottlieb Jewish Day School (Jacksonville, Florida). The students designed the Purim app under the guidance of Jewish Interactive.

For Mac/Windows:


Click here to download Whack-a-Haman and play.
Requires Adobe AIR
(free AIR download: https://get.adobe.com/air/)

For mobile devices:

Available for Android devices in Google Play, and for Apple devices in the App Store.

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Content Creation Tools

We have compiled a list of content creation tools for you to use with your family. These are useful tools for children to create digital content.