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Blog postings on topics of interest to 21st Century Jewish Studies educators by the Jewish Interactive team and some guest bloggers.


My Menorah reviewed on Jewish iPhone

November 29, 2015 – 17 Kislev 5776 My Menorah 4 Hanukkah – Jewish App For iOS, Android, Mac And PC From Jewish Interactive APP Jewish Interactive has extended the definition
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This Shabbat Jews around the world are participating in The Shabbat Project so they can ‘Keep It Together’. But what is Shabbat all about, and what are we supposed to
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Yom Hashoa at Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox, Manchester, 2015 – David Witkin

Shani Miller and I went on a week long course at Yad Vashem to learn about teaching the Holocaust to children of different ages. One of Yad Vashem’s teaching philosophies
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Gaming and the Four Sons of the Hagada – Eli Kannai

At the Seder night we read: The Torah speaks of four children: One is wise, one is wicked, one is simple and one does not know how to ask. The
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Interactive Poster Wall for Jewish History – Daniel R. Weiss

Much like the Jews 3000 years ago, I have been a wandering Jew. Not from school to school, but from classroom to classroom. I never had a room of my
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My Menorah: Making the most of Chanukah!

Dear Parents We are proud and excited to bring ‘My Menorah’ to your family. Our very talented team of educators and developers have blended educational principles with traditional values using
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Popplets for Kashrut & the Shema – Chaya Rubens

Chaya Rubens is a JS teacher at Hasmonean Primary School in London, UK. She made great use of Popplet for teaching about the laws of Kashrut and the Shema. Chaya
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Apps that can be used for the chagim – Joshua Pomerance

Joshua Pomerance is the new education technology trainer at Jewish Interactive UK. He is also a teacher at Yavneh College. He has compiled a list of apps that can be used for the
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Innovative Teacher: Torah Personality Day

We always ask our teachers and students to send in examples of their work. One teacher responded with a video clip he made using Morfo, which was used to introduce
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In the lab – Nicky Newfield

Experience is often the best teacher. Over the past year our team has been running iPad and PC workshops with elementary students. Our focus has been on utilizing the best
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