Popplets for Kashrut & the Shema – Chaya Rubens

Chaya Rubens is a JS teacher at Hasmonean Primary School in London, UK. She made great use of Popplet for teaching about the laws of Kashrut and the Shema. Chaya
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falg with ji

London and Jo’burg schools connect before Shabbos Project

On Friday 25th October a very special webinar took place connecting the Grade 5 students at King David Linksfield in Johannesburg, South Africa with students from Years 3 – 6 at
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The Zebra that kept Shabbos – Year 6 – Hasmonean

A group of Year 6 students from Hasmonean Primary, London, UK, made this video about their zebra that kept Shabbos! The Zebra that kept Shabbos from Chaya Rubens on Vimeo.


Shabbat Cup Song – Yael M – Hasmonean

Yael M from Hasmonean Primary in London, UK, sent in this Flipagram of her project.


Shabbat – Hodaya M. – Morasha

Hodaya M from Morasha Primary in London, UK, send in this PowerPoint about Shabbat to enter the ShabbatUK competition. Click here to view it.


“Shabbos is beautiful” song – Hadley Wood Cheder

The children of Hadley Wood cheder sent in this video that they recorded of their song “Shabbos is beautiful”.


The Power of Shabbos – Romwells – Hasmonean Primary

“The Power of Shabbos” was sent into the ShabbosUK competition from the Romwells, Hasmonean Primary, London, UK. The Power of Shabbos from Chaya Rubens on Vimeo.


Vineyard Troubles – Year 6 Group – Hasmonean Primary

Year 6 students from Hasmonean Primary in London, UK, sent in this production in Flipagram of a Shabbat dilemma.


Love Your fellow – Mikaela – King David Linksfield

Mikaela, who is in Grade 4 at King David Linksfield, Johannesburg, South Africa,  sent in her Jewish Studies project. It is a video “Love your fellow”.


Jewish Life – Rosh Hashanah – September 2014