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Apple a day helps Jewish education – The Jewish News

Jewish Interactive’s iPad Discovery day training at Apple headquarters in Regents Street London, December 2014. Article in the The Jewish News, 8 January 2015


Parashat Va’era – Odeliah & Ashira – Hasmonean High

Odeliah and Ashira from Hasmonean High School in London, UK, made this Prezi on Parashat Va’era.


Interactive Poster Wall for Jewish History – Daniel R. Weiss

Much like the Jews 3000 years ago, I have been a wandering Jew. Not from school to school, but from classroom to classroom. I never had a room of my
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The festival of (electronic) lights! The Times of Israel

As the Jewish world prepares for Channuka tonight, many messages and educational opportunities emanate from this unique holiday. With the children of today well and truly ensconced in the world
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Challah Crumbs recommends My Menorah

New Chanuka App: My Menorah With Chanuka nearly here, chances are you have loaded up on all the gifts you are going to need this holiday season. Let me add
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Igniting the Light of Channuka with Apps

When I hear the word nonprofit, I don’t usually think of technology and apps. In the age of digital media and, in many respects, digital communities, Jewish organizations need to
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Jewish Life - cover - Chanukah- Nov 2014

Jewish Life – Chanukah – November 2014


My Menorah on “All Jewish Digital”

My Menorah was reviewed in the [Hanukkah Edition] Jewish Digital World, 16 December 2014 Jewish Interactive has extended the definition of non-profit to include twenty-first century Jewish education. The South African organization
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My Menorah: Making the most of Chanukah!

Dear Parents We are proud and excited to bring ‘My Menorah’ to your family. Our very talented team of educators and developers have blended educational principles with traditional values using
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Joseph (age 8) gives feedback on MY MENORAH

Joseph (age 8) from London gives his feedback on My Menorah.