Jewish Life – Rosh Hashanah – September 2014


Apps that can be used for the chagim – Joshua Pomerance

Joshua Pomerance is the new education technology trainer at Jewish Interactive UK. He is also a teacher at Yavneh College. He has compiled a list of apps that can be used for the
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Mitzvah of visiting the sick – Dan & Aiden – King David Linksfield

Dan and Aiden are in Grade 4 at King David Linksfield, Johannesburg, South Africa. They made this short video about the mitzvah of visiting the sick.


Moshiach Project – Mia and Maya – King David Linksfield

Mia and Maya from King David Linksfield in Johannesburg, South Africa sent in their multimedia presentation on the Moshiach. It includes a quiz! They also wrote a play.  

iThankYou Yeshiva College -tb

iThankYou Tree at Yeshiva College, Johannesburg

As part of an iThank campaign – making learners aware of appreciating the things and people around them - Yeshiva College ended off the month with each learner writing what he/she is thankful
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Jewish Life – Mind, Body and Soul – August 2014


Moshiach Quiz – Aiden and Ethan – King David Linksfield

Aiden S and Ethan T are 4th graders at King David Linksfield Primary in Johannesburg, South Africa. Click here to see their PowerPoint quiz.  


Interview with the Mashiach – Adam F

Adam F sent in this animation he made of an interview with the Mashiach. Adam is a student at King David Linksfield in Johannesburg, South Africa.  He is 9 years old
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Jewish Life – Unity – July 2014


Jewish Life – Education – June 2014