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About Jewish Interactive

Jewish Interactive Education Through Online Jewish GamesJewish Interactive is an innovative non-profit organisation, founded in South Africa, that strives to create interactive Jewish programs, utilising modern technology, to make Torah more relevant, accessible and alive to Jewish educators, children and parents globally.

Jewish Interactive is an initiative of the Glatt Charitable Trust.

(Fundraising registration number 033-795-NPO)

Jewish Interactive brings you a touch closer to:

  • Engaging, innovative Jewish  children applications and online learning
  • Blended learning and educator resources
  • 21st century learning workshops
  • Jewish iPad labs
  • Digital creations for students by students
  • Networking educators, children and their families

Jewish Interactive is working with schools throughout the world:


The focus of our organization is:

  • Developing new products in the form of Jewish online learning and apps for elementary-aged children
  • Training educators in blended learning and 21st century technology tools
  • Training students to develop resources on Jewish topics using 21st century tools