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About Jewish Interactive

“Jewish Interactive uses educational technology to create accessible, affordable and engaging Jewish education for any child, anywhere.”

Our Story

Jewish Interactive is a non-profit organisation that creates educational technology solutions for Jewish Learning.

We live in a new world. The way our children learn has changed and the way we educate them must change too. We recognise that educational technology provides a platform that: increases accessibility, adaptability, responsiveness to student’s needs, engagement, enrichment and affordability and has the power to play a fundamental and crucial role in contributing to a confident and bright Jewish future.

We aim to be both a catalyst and facilitator of that future.

In 2012 The Glatt Charitable Trust, led by Martin Glatt and Nicky Newfield, dedicated itself to addressing the Jewish education crisis by creating a platform for the fusion of traditional Jewish knowledge with cutting edge educational technology.

That’s us: Jewish Interactive (JI).We were born in Johannesburg, South Africa , opened in the UK and have subsequently expanded to impact 830 cities worldwide.

Jewish Interactive now comprises three entities:

  • A Registered Charity in South Africa
  • A Registered Charity in the UK
  • A 501(c)3 in the USA.

Most of our production is currently happening in Israel and in South Africa, with contributions from team members all over the world.

What We Do

JI develops educational technology curricular products, multiplatform apps for students with educator and family resources for the early years & K-12 Jewish education; we look for areas where the power of educational technology can improve the learning potential of every Jewish child no matter their background or location.

We seek to effect change in several ways:

  • We produce content rich, curriculum connected apps, harness the power of gaming, develop training and personal development programs, facilitate competitions, run app development workshops, collect and analyse data from our products, host seminars, round-tables and conferences and share our knowledge and expertise with the widest possible audience.
  • We look to invest our resources based on listening to educators, researching technology trends, data driven achievements and listening closely to practitioners in our schools and organisations in order to optimize impact and to be a catalyst for broader change.
  • We have produced 8 content rich apps, being used in over 860 cities worldwide and have engaged over 2,500 teachers to date.

Jewish Interactive is working with schools throughout the world:

website visits -2014

Our Value

As trailblazers in Jewish Educational Technology, Jewish Interactive has added strategic and practical value in the following ways:

• MAPPED the global field of Jewish Educational Technology.
• ESTABLISHED ourselves as recognized thought leaders.
• FORMED strategic partnerships with major Jewish educational institutions.
• DEVELOPED relationships with leading philanthropists and foundations.

2014 In Numbers:
492,013 unique clicks received within JI apps in 2014 alone.
83,250 children reached.
2,500 Jewish educators engaged.
840 cities worldwide where people are using our products.
250 schools who we have connected to.
221 educational technology workshops and training sessions hosted.
8 unique content rich, educational apps produced and implemented.
1 mission