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Jewish Interactive makes Jewish learning relevant, fun and engaging by blending 21st century digital technology with Jewish traditions and Torah learning, bringing children and their families a touch closer to a vibrant Jewish life.

See what we're doing in South Africa, the UK, and North America.

Download our ground-breaking new app JI Studio so that your children can make invitations, collages, posters, comics, stories, multimedia flashcards and much more. We have rich collections for all the Jewish holidays, including access to text from the Tanach.

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Shabbat Interactive


A multimedia learning environment that explores Shabbat for children from ages 6 to 11. A groundbreaking educator resource used in schools worldwide.

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Sukkah Challenge

Play Sukkah Challenge

Virtually experience Sukkot. Explore Torah texts and discussions of ancient Jewish sages. Then use these clues as a guide to finding the Arba Minim and building a sukkah.

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JI Studio


A revolutionary Judaic digital content creation tool. Encourage children to let their imaginations run wild and create Jewish projects with full access to Tanach and Tefilot.

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